Preconceived Ideas

Fall is not a good time to be asking friends to help with small construction projects. There are college football games, hunting, seasonal colds, military reserve training, plus other events on tap.

As a last resort I checked outside the Men’s Shelter at the Montana Rescue Mission to see if anyone might be interested. This was my last resort because we all know the kind of people that hang out at the Rescue Mission. Don’t we?

One man standing close by the front door immediately stepped forward, introduced himself, and said that he would really like to work for me. When I informed him that I was looking for two people, he quickly volunteered the name of another person and asked what time they should be ready.

The men were ready and waiting. They were hard workers, quick to understand what was needed, had many good suggestions, and seemed very appreciative of the chance to work. When we were finished each man wrote their name down on some paper, gave it to me, and asked me to call them again or recommend them to my friends.

Over dinner we talked. Each of them talked about how God was working in their life even though they were experiencing some of life’s ups and downs. One of them had worked with his mother as a volunteer at the shelter and other places while growing up. He commented how ironic it was that he had helped out there as a child and was now living there as an adult.

God blessed me by placing these two men in my life. God taught me how much I still have to learn about being a Christian. He taught me, again, that at times I fall short, very short. When I went to the Men’s Shelter I had a preconceived picture in my mind the type of men I would encounter; He showed me where I was wrong.

God finds many ways to humble us, doesn’t He.  On that particular work day preconceived ideas left me feeling short in my Christian growth.

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