Civil Rights or Gay Rights?

Many pastors seem to be delivering sermons or homilies attempting compare the Civil Rights movement with the Gay Rights Movement. Our pastor delivered an entire sermon on the Civil Rights movement using the the rainbow colored banner as a back drop in slides.

The Civil Rights movement has seldom been referred to as Black Rights or Negro Rights or African American Rights. It was called Civil Rights because it was all about all individuals receiving the same Civil, or human, Rights guaranteed under the Constitution and by God, our creator.

The right to vote was never based on sexual preference, but individuals were denied the right to vote. The right to sit where you want on public transportation was never based on sexual preference, but individuals were denied the right to sit where they wanted. The right to use any available water fountain was never based on sexual preference, but individuals could not use any available water fountain. The list could go on and on, but hopefully the train of thought is clear. Basic individual human rights were the force behind the Civil Rights Movement.

The Gay Rights movement is not, and never has been, about an individual’s basic human rights. The Gay Rights movement is all about the acceptance of a specific sexual act:  homosexual practices.

Within the United States, all sorts of individuals have been allowed to marry. Convicts, both in and out of prison can be married. Drug addicts and alcoholics can be married. People of all ethic backgrounds can be married. People with all sorts of mental or physical disabilities can be married. Adults of significantly different ages can be married.  There has never been an issue with people getting married; the issue is where you set the bar between an acceptable or unacceptable marriage.

Homosexual marriage, or Marriage Equality, was all about making the homosexual act acceptable. It was all about moving the bar between acceptable and unacceptable marriage. Not only was it focused on making the homosexual act acceptable, it was focused on forcing others to participate in the homosexual practice. An individual who is homosexual has always possessed the human right to go into a bakery and purchase a cake. Gay Rights was all about forcing the bakery to participate in the sanctification of the homosexual practice.

Civil Rights laws were all about the moral principles that each individual was equal. Gay Rights laws are all about sanctifying a sex act.

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