Mottoes and Beliefs

There are several ‘mottos’, or ‘beliefs’, or ‘statements’ that have been used in an attempt to justify the acceptance of homosexual practices:

1. Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors
2. United Methodists value the self worth of all individuals.
3. John Wesley said that we should do no harm.

Those proposing the acceptance of homosexual practices are presupposing that only they know what these various statements actually mean. Their position is just as closed minded as the one they accuse others of having. They frequently use these statements in an attempt to make people feel guilty about have a different understanding or bullying the opposition into keeping silent.

All sinners who accept Jesus Christ as their savior will be blessed by God with His unfailing grace and forgiveness. The United Methodist Church, as do other Christian churches, invites all sinners to come and learn about salvation, grace and forgiveness.

Unfortunately, some people will never feel comfortable in church. This is unfortunate but must be accepted as fact. Jesus Christ’s offer of salvation is His gift to us. To receive his gift of salvation we must accept Him as our savior, confess our sins, and ask God to help us lead more faithful lives. This is our gift to Him.

Jesus constantly delivered messages designed to make people feel uncomfortable, particularly those people who felt most righteous. Did He do this out of hate or anger? Definitely not! He did this out of love. He wanted people to examine their sinful nature and live more faithfully according to God’s commandments. Some people were so uncomfortable with Jesus’ message that they participated in His crucifixion just to get rid of him. They even offered Him the opportunity to save himself by changing His message so they would feel more comfortable. Jesus NEVER wavered!

First and foremost we must admit that we are of a sinful nature, or we will never feel comfortable in an environment that tells us we are sinners. It doesn’t matter whether it is one sin or 100. Is that God’s fault? Is that the church’s fault? Or are we at fault for trying to alter Jesus Christ’s message so that we feel comfortable sitting in church?

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